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What comes with a set of adjustable dumbbells in your home gym?

Dumbbell bench, fitness aids, often used to assist dumbbells to complete some necessary fitness exercises, such as: incline dumbbell bench press, downward oblique dumbbell bench press, flat dumbbell fly bird, etc. This kind of targeted fitness exercises cannot be completed without the aid of a dumbbell bench. It is the function of the dumbbell bench.

homegymadjustable dumbbell bench commercial grade

Different from the normal dumbbell benches, the Conllin dumbbell bench is adjustable, so that people of different body types can complete the exercises in a standard way.


homegymadjustable dumbbell bench commercial grade


The structure and materials of the dumbbell bench are the most important. It must be strong and stable. Some benches have many functions, but they are swayed and the leather on the surface of the benches are thick.


The height of the bench must be appropriate, and the comfort-ness of bench press must be ensured. When doing dumbbell rowing,it should not be too short. Generally, the height of bench is about 50 cm is more appropriately. Also, the bench must be long enough, otherwise the waist would lowered. It was very uncomfortable to come out from below.


Do not pursue too much functions. It is recommended to buy an adjustable bench. The backrest should be adjusted to a 30-degree angle and an angle close to vertical, so that you can perform uphill bench presses and dumbbell presses. Note that the seat part should also be adjusted. When pushing upwards, you need to tilt up.

homegymadjustable dumbbell bench commercial grade


homegymadjustable dumbbell bench commercial grade

homegym adjustable dumbbell bench commercial grade 


Chest exercises: dumbbell press, dumbbell uphill press, dumbbell downhill  press, dumbbell bird, dumbbell uphill bird, dumbbell downhill bird.

Back exercise: one-handed dumbbell rowing, prone stretch.

Shoulder exercises: seated dumbbell press, side-lying single-arm dumbbell side flat lift.

Arm exercises: sitting one-arm curl, supine dumbbell arm flexion and extension, sitting dumbbell neck flexion and extension 

Leg exercises: seated dumbbell lifts.

Abdominal exercises: sit-ups, calf bench sit-ups.


When practicing, you should follow the position not to press or hold the joints, otherwise it will greatly affect the exercise effect. It is very important to protect a joint during dumbbell exercises, and try best to practice with a friend when doing exercises. It would be safer and can increase muscle stimulation, thus making greater progress.


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