How to Stay Fit While Working From Home

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There are numerous advantages to working from home, such as achieving a better work-life balance, eliminating the daily commute, and experiencing more meaningful family time. However, one drawback is the tendency to move less, as we confine ourselves to a few rooms instead of moving outdoors or navigating large offices. Despite this, it doesn't mean you have to accept a decline in fitness. There are several ways to stay fit while working from home.

At Lichico Fitness, we've collaborated with remote workers to create active environments that promote physical health and wellness. Here's our guide to staying fit while working from home!

Fitness Office Equipment

Staying fit and healthy while working from home involves more than just elevating your heart rate; it's also about supporting your body with quality office equipment. Standard chairs and desks may foster bad habits, poor posture, and strain your muscles. Lichico Fitness' Walking Pad with Electric Standing Desk is a popular choice for home workers seeking to break free from a sedentary position and improve their step count.

Both the walking pad and Electric Standing Desk are of high quality, ensuring you don't have to compromise on either to meet your needs. The Electric Standing Desk features a spacious surface with adjustable height to cater to your ergonomic requirements. The walking pad is equipped with silent technology, allowing you to walk during meetings and work tasks without distractions.

Schedule active breaks 

By getting in the habit of scheduling active breaks, you can break a sedentary period and get the blood pumping in your body. You do not have to go overboard and over-commit, and can simply walk around the block or head out to get a takeaway coffee. It’s so easy to get to 5:00 pm and realise that you have not moved from your desk beyond a few bathroom breaks, so put these reminders in your calendar so you are prompted to jump up and take a walk around the block intermittently.

Seated physical activity

It’s interesting that when we go to the gym, a lot of the workouts we do are seated. There is no reason that you cannot do the same when seated at your desk, to strengthen your legs and core muscle. Start with slow leg raises, straightening your legs and letting them tap the floor and then lift to a 180-degree position. If you add weight to your legs, you will also be activating your core and your legs and will get more of a burn going. You can also ditch the chair entirely and opt for an exercise ball, to really get your body activated and moving to a more healthy posture.

Stretch regularly

Anyone who does not see stretching as a fitness indicator is sorely mistaken, as stretching and muscle maintenance allows us to stay in peak position and take on more physical activity. It is also a great way to gauge what areas of your body are requiring some extra attention, and it might even signal to you what needs to change in your home working environment. Get in the habit of stepping away from your desk at regular intervals during the day, and lay on your floor and stretch your body to one side or another, holding these positions for a few seconds and breathing into those poses is going to help. If you are not sure where to get started with stretching, you might find value in following yoga and pilates poses.


Lichico Fitness is a trusted provider of fitness equipment, offering Australians all the home gym essentials to stay healthy. Explore the collection of cardio and strength training equipment today!


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